Hit the Road, Act: Artists Go On Tour


    Destiny's Child tour TheLavaLizard
    Destiny’s Child

    We all love it when our favourite artists go on tour because it gives us the opportunity to experience the music live while we gain new appreciation for those great acts. So, this week’s Way Back Wednesday lists amazing several shows that helped us to see the world’s top artists in a different light.

    From a business perspective, tours are the biggest sources of revenue for artists but they require the most work to produce. Vocal-driven acts are required to flex their ranges almost every night as they bring fresh interpretations of each song to their fans. On the other hand, entertainers who include more choreography and massive stage productions in their concerts face the even more daunting task of executing a seamless show that features many moving parts.

    Indeed, the opportunity costs associated with tours are steep. Hence, as we show appreciation for those acts who go the extra mile to thrill their devoted fans, check out the concert footage below:

    Beyonce – I Am…World Tour (2010)

    Destiny’s Child – Destiny Fulfilled…And Lovin’ It Tour (2005)

    Janet Jackson – All for You Tour (2001)

    Lady Gaga – The Monster Ball Tour (2010)

    Madonna – Blonde Ambition World Tour (1990)

    Mariah Carey – Daydream Tour (1996)

    Michael Jackson – HIStory World Tour (1996)

    Pink – Funhouse Tour (2009)

    Tina Turner – Private Dancer Tour (1985)

    Whitney Houston – My Love is Your Love Tour (1999)

    Nothing beats watching a great artist perform live onstage, especially when they deliver the music even better than they did in the studio. However, what this list really highlights is the difference between visual artists and their more traditional counterparts.

    Did you notice that Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey emphasised their singing throughout their shows with little interest given to major transitions or pyrotechnics? Compare their concerts to those of Beyonce and Madonna, who engaged their fans both sonically and visually. They are truly different breeds of entertainers.

    Who had the best tour? Why was it better than the others? What tour was missing from the list? Vote in the Way Back Wednesday poll and share your opinion!

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