Burning Up: Drew Scott


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    Drew Scott’s ‘Places I’ve Ever Been’ EP cover

    Drew ‘Druski’ Scott is the creative force behind Dawn Richard’s solo career and one of the most respected young singer-songwriters in the industry. However, despite his such acclaim, he still has plans for a life in front the spot light and earlier today, he released his own Places I’ve Ever Been EP.

    Featuring nine songs, Places I’ve Ever Been gives us a taste of the alternative R&B that defines Scott’s sound. Don’t worry, though, because unlike other songwriters who have chased mainstream success, such as The-Dream, Scott can actually sing and his music is surprisingly refreshing instead of just being a rehash of his work with Richard.

    Sample Place’s I’ve Ever Been by listening to “The Way I Feel” below:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Place’s I’ve Ever Been! From the tone of Scott’s voice to the production and the writing, everything tied together for an impressive mix of material that could easily been sold as a studio album. I vote we switch Scott and Frank Ocean on the charts because his music deserves recognition. You know, without being forced down people’s throats with a side of┬ápropaganda.

    Here’s a special surprise for you: Listen to the entire Place’s Iv’e Ever Been EP and download your copy below: