Trini Trent TV: Miley Cyrus’ Offensive New Song


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    By now, you’ve heard Miley Cyrus’ new song, “We Can’t Stop”, and read my analysis of how the young singer has blatantly ripped off Urban culture as she follows the latest popular trends in music. Yet, since some of you misunderstood the point of the discussion, I used Trini Trent TV to make my views on the issue clear!

    “To my homegirls here with the big butt, shaking it like we at the strip club. Remember, only God could judge us. Forget the haters ’cause somebody loves ya,” sings Cyrus in “We Can’t Stop” as she imitates Urban artists. So, is she really being offensive or just enjoying innocent fun?

    Watch episode twelve of Trini Trent TV’s third season below to see me discuss all this topic and more:

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