New Song: Ciara – “Super Turnt Up (Ft. Ciara)”


    Ciara promo TheLavaLizard
    If only Ciara would start a modelling career.

    When Ciara revealed the track list of her upcoming self-titled album featuring a new song called “Super Turnt Up”, there was a collective sigh of disappointment from some of her fans. However, now that the tune has hit the airwaves, we can all hear exactly why it should have been dropped in the bin with her long list of “buzz” singles.

    Co-written and co-produced by Jasper Cameron, “Super Turnt Up” includes Ciara’s alter ego, who trades sining for rapping. Yes folks, if it wasn’t bad enough that we had to deal with Chris Brown’s attempts at spitting bars, we now have to tolerate the same nonsense from Ciara.

    Ciara will hit stores in the US on July 9th and will also feature Ciara’s current single, “I’m Out (Ft. Nicki Minaj)”. Listen to “Super Turnt Up” below:

    The verses of “Super Turnt Up” – I literally cringed while typing the song title – but the hook is complete garbage and the Ciara’s “rapping” sparks horrible flashbacks of Brandy’s Bran’Nu. How does this track reflect an artist almost a decade into her career? Where is the growth? Why hasn’t the person who approved this garbage been fired? I need answers!

    “Hold my earrings!”

    Thanks Rap-Up!

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