Lady Gaga Tops Beyonce, Madonna & Rihanna on Forbes Celebrity 100


    Lady Gaga Forbes TheLavaLizard
    Lady Gaga looks like a bag of money.

    She hasn’t released new music in over two years and she had to cancel her tour but that hasn’t prevented Lady Gaga from retaining her position as one of the most popular public figures on the planet. In fact, according to the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, she is the most powerful musician in the world.

    Gaga’s┬áBorn This Way Ball Tour grossed north of $168 million before being cut short in January after she was seriously injured. Additionally, with 38 million Twitter followers, 58 million Facebook fans and several major business moves, the Pop megastar earned over $80 million during the last 12 months.

    The Forbes Celebrity 100 incorporates celebrity earnings, media impact, Internet presence and their standing with American consumers. A marketability score (1-100), based on opinion polling about 46 different attributes for 6,600 different celebrities, was introduced this year to measure impact across 11 social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google +.

    See the full Forbes Celebrity 100 list below:

    1. Oprah Winfrey $77M
    2. Lady Gaga $80M
    3. Steven Spielberg $100M
    4. Beyonce Knowles $53M
    5. Madonna $125M
    6. Taylor Swift $55M
    7. Bon Jovi $79M
    8. Roger Federer $71M
    9. Justin Bieber $58M
    10. Ellen DeGeneres $56M
    11. Hugh Jackman $55M
    12. Jennifer Lopez $45M
    13. Rihanna $43M
    14. Coldplay $64M
    15. Tiger Woods $78M
    16. LeBron James $60M
    17. Simon Cowell $95M
    18. Katy Perry $39M
    19. David Beckham $47M
    20. Robert Downey, Jr. $75M
    21. Leonardo DiCaprio $39M
    22. Tyler Perry $78M
    23. Channing Tatum $60M
    24. Kobe Bryant $62M
    25. Dwayne Johnson $46M
    26. Ryan Seacrest $61M
    27. Tom Cruise $35M
    28. Mark Wahlberg $52M
    29. Seth MacFarlane $55M
    30. Donald Trump $63M
    31. Cristiano Ronaldo $44M
    32. Jay-Z $42M
    33. Dr. Phil McGraw $72M
    34. Glenn Beck $90M
    35. Will Smith $23M
    36. Ben Affleck $25M
    37. Rush Limbaugh $66M
    38. David Letterman $42M
    39. Lionel Messi $41M
    40. Adam Sandler $37M
    41. Angelina Jolie $33M
    42. E.L. James $95M
    43. Toby Keith $65M
    44. James Patterson $91M
    45. Howard Stern $95M
    46. Carrie Underwood $31M
    47. Kenny Chesney $53M
    48. Usain Bolt $24M
    49. Jennifer Lawrence $26M
    50. Drew Brees $51M
    51. Rafael Nadal $26M
    52. Phil Mickelson $49M
    53. Ashton Kutcher $24M
    54. Sofia Vergara $30M
    55. Peter Jackson $50M
    56. Serena Williams $20M
    57. Jon Stewart $16M
    58. Jerry Bruckheimer $80M
    59. Kanye West $20M
    60. Jerry Seinfeld $32M
    61. Michael Bay $82M
    62. Maria Sharapova $29M
    63. Dr. Dre $40M
    64. Jennifer Aniston $20M
    65. Tom Brady $38M
    66. Kim Kardashian $10M
    67. Charlie Sheen $10M
    68. Calvin Harris $46M
    69. Rachael Ray $30M
    70. Kristen Stewart $22M
    71. Gwyneth Paltrow $10M
    72. Sean Hannity $30M
    73. Meryl Streep $7M
    74. David Guetta $30M
    75. Stephen King $20M
    76. Christopher Nolan $40M
    77. Gordon Ramsay $38M
    78. Manny Pacquiao $34M
    79. Tina Fey $10M
    80. Mark Burnett $63M
    81. Gisele Bundchen $42M
    82. J.K. Rowling $13M
    83. Alec Baldwin $8M
    84. Emma Stone $16M
    85. Charlize Theron $15M
    86. Neil Patrick Harris $15M
    87. Suzanne Collins $55M
    88. Floyd Mayweather $34M
    89. Mila Kunis $11M
    90. Sandra Bullock $14M
    91. Danica Patrick $15M
    92. Amy Poehler $7M
    93. George Lopez $12M
    94. Ray Romano $16M
    95. Kevin Hart $14M
    96. Zooey Deschanel $6M
    97. Louis C.K. $16M
    98. Melissa McCarthy $10M
    99. Joss Whedon $25M
    100. Miranda Kerr $7M

    Wach Gaga’s “Born this Way” video below: