Trini Trent TV: Rihanna’s New Album, Billboard Awards & Beyonce’s Baby


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    Readers of The Lava Lizard have been tweeting, messaging and emailing me throughout the last few days to share my opinions regarding a range of hot topic issues and now, it’s time to answer their call. From Rihanna’s new album to the 2013 Billboard Music Awards and Beyonce’s rumoured pregnancy, Trini Trent TV addresses it all!

    Darkchild claimed that he has produced songs for a new Rihanna album and she has denied that she is currently recording any material, but who is telling the truth? Also, with rumours of Beyonce’s pregnancy and her vicious response to the “low lives” who continuously talk about her private life spreading through the media, I take a different slant on the story by discussing how such a development will affect her career.

    Finally, I also review the Billboard Music Awards, which included horrible performances by Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Miguel. Watch episode eleven of Trini Trent TV’s third season below to see me discuss all those topics and more:

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