Tamar Braxton Bumps New Album to September


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    During the last week, several readers of The Lava Lizard nagged me on several social media to write a review of Tamar Braxton’s latest single, “The One”, despite the fact that the song had been circulating on the web for months. So, why did I rebuff their pleas? Braxton’s haphazard approach to being a successful artist is hardly worth covering.

    Providing additional proof to the case that Braxton is more concerned about being a celebrity than an artist, the singer has delayed the release of her Love & War album again, this time until September as she confirmed during the 2013 BET Awards press conference today. That’s right, instead of capitalising on the “success” of the record’s lead single and the buzz generated by “The One”, Braxton will use the summer to focus on her impending motherhood.

    Of course, we all know that unless Braxton has a C-section, liposuction and hires a fulltime nanny (her sister Towanda) to take care of her child, she won’t have the time to properly promote Love & War in the fall. Therefore, the chances of the album being delayed until at least late November are quite high.

    Clearly, Braxton has given little thought toward developing a well-orchestrated album campaign but I’m sure she will enjoy the camera time she gets on Tamar & Vince and The Culturelist on Centric. Hopefully, Toni Braxton see this opportunity to swoop in, record her youngest sister’s songs and land the comeback that she deserves.

    To satisfy some of you, listen to Braxton’s “The One” below: