Signature Song Series: Britney Spears


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    Back when Britney Spears ruled the world.

    It’s the middle of the week and that means it’s time for a new edition of our special Way Back Wednesday subseries. For this instalment, we’re focusing on the catalogue of Britney Spears as we skim through her many hits and name her signature song.

    Spears released her debut single, “…Baby One More Time”, in 1998 and instantly became a popular culture sensation. To date, she has topped the Billboard Hot 100 on four occasions as a lead artist and continues to dominate charts across the globe as one of the most successful Pop artists of our time. Yet, with so many hits to her credit, what is Spears’ signature song?

    Check out some of Spears’ biggest hits and join the discussion below::

    “…Baby One More Time”


    “I’m a Slave 4 U”


    “Me Against the Music (Ft. Madonna)”

    “Oops!…I did it Again”



    Spears has so many monster hits but does she really have a signature song? Perhaps “…Baby One More Time” is the only tune that comes close to fitting the bill but it is obvious that many of Spears’ hits were trendy and that simply matched what was happening in Pop music at the time of their release.

    Additionally, by judging the shortlist above, Spears’ most memorable songs were put forward in the early stages of her career. Indeed, following her notorious meltdown in 2007, Spears’ involvement in her music reportedly decreased and she simply recorded almost any generic Pop song offered to her.

    Yes, Spears still has great producers and writers but the spark that made her previous works reflective oh her style is long gone. Ask yourself why Ke$ha’s version of “Till the World Ends” – a song that she initially wrote for herself – was more enjoyable than Spears’ cut of the track, which actually featured Ke$ha’s vocals in the background and chorus.

    What is Spears’ signature song? What other songs should have been mentioned? Vote in the Way Back Wednesday poll and share your opinion!

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