New Video: Solange – “Locked in Closets”


    Solange Locked in Closets TheLavaLizard
    Solange sells her music to buy Diana Ross wigs.

    Beyonce isn’t the only member of the Knowles clan who happily sells her music to the highest-bidding company. The singer’s younger sister, Solange, has jumped on the jingle bandwagon by teaming with  Refinery29 and Absolut Tune for the release of her new video for “Locked in Closets”.

    Refinery29 and Absolut Tune sponsored the filming of “Locked in Closets” as part of the recently launched Free Spirits campaign. Just imagine how some of Solange’s fans grimaced when one of their favourite True EP cuts wasn’t given proper video treatment. Oh well, such is life in the basement of the House of Dereon.

    Watch the video for Solange “Locked in Closets” below:

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