Miguel Talks Dropkicking Fan, New Music & More on Kiss FM


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    Future Mortal Kombat fighter Miguel

    Thanks to the power of the internet, news of Miguel’s infamous accident at the 2013 Billboard Music Award shas spread across the globe and made him the target of mockery. However, although he now looks back at the incident with a lighter heart, the singer was mortified on the night of the event and he shared his feelings during an interview with Kiss FM UK.

    During his performance of “Adorn” at the Billboard Music Awards, Miguel got so excited that he attempted to jump over the mosh pit surrounding the stage. Unfortunately, his landing was far from graceful and he accidentally crashed into a pair of his fans, one of whom was dropkicked in the face.

    What the cameras didn’t show, however, was Miguel rushing to the young woman’s aid immediately after his set and ensuring that she received immediate medical attention. Now, with his mind at ease, Miguel can focus on a range of other issues, such as his new music and the promotion of his Mariah Carey duet, “#Beautiful”.

    Watch Miguel chat about his Billboard Music Awards debacle and the experience of working with Carey on “#Beautiful” below: