The Lava Lizard Interviews Eve


    Eve promo TheLavaLizard

    With Eve hot on the promo trail for her Lip Lock album, it was only a matter of time before she made a stop at The Lava Lizard for an interview! However, her new music wasn’t the only topic on the bill, and the rapper was happy to share her thoughts on a range of other issues, including the struggling Hip-Hop movement and Nicki Minaj.

    Eve offered interesting answers to questions concerning the long delay of her Lip Lock album, uniting with Lil Kim and Missy Elliott on a new song, and the slow start of her recent singles on the charts. She also revealed plans for a tour and offered advice for boosting the positon of women in Hip-Hop.

    So, what’s taking you so long? Listen – that’s right, you don’t have to read  a lengthy transcription this time – to my entire interview with Eve on The Lava Lizard below:

    What do you think of the interview?