Candice Glover Announces Debut Album Title & Release Date


    Candice Glover Music Speaks TheLavaLizard
    Candice Glover’s ‘Music Speaks’ album cover

    The dust has settled, the confetti has been swept away and there is a new winner of American Idol. Candice Glover and her incredible voice have beaten the odds as emerged as the latest champion of the show, and she has wasted no time with the launch of her debut album campaign. In fact, Glover has already announced its title and release date!

    Music Speaks will hit stores on July 16th as Glover’s first album onĀ 19 Recordings/Interscope Records. The record is preceded by Glover’s American Idol winner’s single, “I Am Beautiful”, which she performed on the show twice this season to rave reviews from critics, who were surprised by its Top 40/Mainstream direction.

    Glover is the first woman to win American Idol since Jordin Sparks nabbed the title at the end of the show’s sixth season. However, despite her obvious talent, the jury is still out regarding the possibility of such a big-voiced singer scoring success on the beat-driven airwaves of the current music market. Plug: Click here to read my views about this issue!

    Watch Ryan Seacrest crown Glover as the American Idol winner below: