Burning Up: Elijah Blake


    Elijah Blake TheLavaLizard
    Elijah Blake

    Some of you may remember him as YouTube sensation Redd Stylez but now he goes by the name Elijah Blake and he is the latest act featured in our Burning Up new artist spotlight. Known for his clever writing skills, this young crooner has attracted quite a following for his talent with a pen as well as behind the mic.

    Blake was among the co-writers of Usher’s innovative R&B/Pop smash, “Climax”, and appeared on Keyshia Cole’s Woman to Woman and Game’s Jesus Piece albums. Now managed by Roc Nation, Blake is ready for the world to focus on his own hits, such as “X.O.X. (Ft. Common)” from his Bijoux 22 mixtape.

    Dos Blake have what it takes to compete with more season R&B artists on the charts today? Watch his video for “X.O.X.” below:

    What I enjoy most about Blake’s music is that he can actually sing and by that I don’t mean yell a few notes through layers of auto-tune; he can sing. With Roc Nation at his back, Blake has a great chance to be a success as long as they don’t give him the Melanie Fiona “sorry, but you’re not Rihanna or Rita Ora” treatment. In fact, he could be the young Usher for the next generation of music fans. Either way, Blake certainly go very far in this industry.