A Special Celebration: 5 Artists & Their Singing Mothers


    Whitney Houston Cissy TheLavaLizard
    Whitney Houston and Cissy Houston

    As you may know, today is Mother’s Day in several parts of the world and children are doing their best to honor their devoted parents. Even the biggest superstars have a special place in their hearts for the women who guided them to success and that’s why this is a perfect time to showcase these artists alongside their talented mothers.

    Unlike our previous Flaming Features, this piece isn’t based on ranking or competition. Rather, it simply highlights incredible moments in entertainment when artists shared the stage with their mothers. In fact, the true beauty of this piece is that it proves that some singers were born to be great as they stand on the shoulders of the great women who brought them into the world.

    Without further delay, watch five great artists and their talented mothers below:

    Cher & Georgia Holt – “I’m Just Your Yesterday”

    Fantasia & Diane Barrino – “He’s Done Enough”

    Liza Minnelli & Judy Garland – Medley

    Mariah & Patricia Carey – “O Come All Ye Faithful”

    Whitney & Cissy Houston – “Wonderful Counselor (with Gary Houston)”

    Note: If a case stating that Fantasia is a clone of her mother Diane is ever presented then the above performance of “He’s Done Enough” should provide sufficient evidence because¬†resemblance¬†between the two singers is incredible. Now, name some other great mother and son/daughter performances!