Trini Trent TV: Rihanna vs Ciara, Mariah Carey’s ‘Idol’ Scandal


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    Trini Trent TV

    The last two weeks have been quite busy for stars in the entertainment industry and packed with numerous scandals. So, I took to Trini Trent TV for a special double episode that tackles hot topic issues, such as Rihanna and Ciara’s feud, and Mariah Carey’s American Idol drama.

    Rihanna and Ciara’s ongoing spat has captured the headlines during the last month with little signs of slowing down. However, Carey’s reporting ousting from American Idol has lit the gossip blogs ablaze, particularly because of rumours that she will replaced on the show’s judging panel by Jennifer Lopez.

    Watch episode eight of Trini Trent TV’s third season below to see me discuss all those topics and more:

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