Fantasia Brings Her Best with ‘American Idol’ Performance


    Fantasia American Idol TheLavaLizard
    Fantasia looks and sounds magnificent!

    Some singers have been anointed with a level of talent that we will never comprehend. Earlier this evening on American Idol, Fantasia proved that she is among the select few artists who have the kind of talent of shake people to their cores with just a microphone and the power of her voice.

    Fantasia stood tall in a flowing white gown while backed by a Rock band as she belted the emotional “Lose to Win” from her soon to be released Side Effects of You album. Earning standing ovations from the judges and a butt jiggle from Nicki Minaj, the diva left the crowd cheering for more as she looked to the heavens in gratitude.

    There really is nothing left that can be said about what we were privileged to witness tonight. Fantasia is truly a phenomenal talent and I felt blessed just to hear her sing! Watch her American Idol showing below: