Burning Up: Vali


    Vali TheLavaLizard

    Yes, some the features on The Lava Lizard are almost as inconsistent as Christina Aguilera’s album sales but you know you love them. To help bring our Burning Up series back to life is rising R&B/Pop star Vali, who is ready to make her official debut via Rostrum Records.

    Singing since the age of two years, Vali attended the prestigious LaGuardia high school before cracking the industry as a backup singer for Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and The Eagles’ Joe Walsh, and even recording with Wiz Khalifa. Now, she has released for first single, “Shut it Down”, which is right in line with the current trends with Pop music. Watch the video for the tune below:

    As an artist who boasts admiration for Stevie Wonder and The Beatles, there is basically no trace of their influence on her sound. Instead, “Shut it Down” is quite average at best. So, why did I even bother sharing her content with you, my beloved readers? Simply, Vali has potential to be better.

    Valia is a competent singer and she can even dance. Hence, with the right material, she could fit comfortably on the charts alongside several of the less talented Pop acts of today. I humbly suggest that she loses the Rihanna/Gwen Stefani styling – we all know that didn’t work for Rita Ora – and record songs with more depth and emphasis on her voice.

    Watch the video for Vali’s “Bon Voyage (Ft. Juicy J)” below for a better representation of her talent:

    Want more information regarding Vali? Click here to visit her official website!