Belgrade: Beyonce Recycles Routines for ‘Mrs Carter Show World Tour’


    Beyonce Mrs Carter Tour Belgrade TheLavaLizard
    At least Beyonce’s costumes are nice.

    Beyonce has copied routine from almost every major artist in the industry so it was only a matter of time before she fell on her own sword. Proving that she is in dire need of a new source of “inspiration,” the entertainer resorted to recycling her own old routines for The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

    The first stop of The Mrs. Carter Show was hosted at the Kombank Arena in Belgrade, Serbia on April 15th. However, while those fans who paid the exorbitant prices to see their favourite artist gyrate and toss her store bought hair certainly got their money’s worth, there wasn’t a new routine in the mix. Rather, the almost the entire concert was a rehash of Beyonce’s 2013 Superbowl Halftime Show and Revel Beach residency.

    Did Beyonce climb onto a piano for “1+1”? Did she dutty wine in front of a big screen during “Baby Boy”? Did she walk to both sides of the stage and sway during the first chorus of “Crazy in Love”? Did she appear to lip-sync “Love on Top”? Unfortunately, the answers to all those questions is the same – yes – and she didn’t even debut a new song as consolation.

    Watch Beyonce deliver an enjoyable The Mrs. Carter Show to those people who never saw clips of her previous concerts on the internet below:

    “Crazy in Love”/”Single Ladies”

    “Baby Boy”

    “If I Were a Boy”

    “Love on Top”


    “I Will Always Love You”/”Halo”

    “Why Don’t You Love Me”