Confirmed: Ciara Changes New Album Title & Reveals Cover


    Ciara album cover TheLavaLizard
    Ciara’s ‘Ciara’ album cover

    Usually, I’d wait for official word in a press release or at least an announcement via Twitter but when it comes to Ciara, nothing is ever so professional. After confusing her many of her fans with the haphazard revealing of her One Woman Army track list, the singer has reportedly changed the title of the album and revealed its cover.

    According to iTunes UK, Ciara’s new album title has been changed to Ciara. The record will entail the ten announced tracks as well as an unnamed bonus cut and will be released in that territory on July 8th instead of June 3rd as previously scheduled. Several iTunes outlets across the globe, including Australia and New Zealand, have since been updated to reflect the changes.

    Interestingly, none of the smash hits Ciara issued in 2012 – “Sweat (Ft. 2 Chainz)”, “Sorry” and “Got Me Good” – appear on the Ciara track list. Perhaps they were all just buzz singles like most of the songs Ciara released during the last five years of her career. Either that or similar to the rest of the world, Epic Records forgot they existed.

    Ciara has yet to confirm the updates to her One Woman Army Ciara project. Rather, she continues to ignore her fans as she readies new pictures of her shoes for Instagram. Epic Records, on the other hand, is currently ignoring her fans’ pleas for further information. It’s a sad day for followers of the Princess of Crunk&B.

    Update: Ciara has confirmed the title of her new album is Ciara. Pray for her.

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