Way Back Wednesday: Battle of the Sexes


    Beyonce Prince Grammy Awards TheLavaLizard
    Prince and Beyonce perform at the Grammy Awards.

    Usually, our Way Back Wednesday special highlights great performances and videos by artists across the industry, and we rarely compare those works. However, this week’s edition is an all out war between male and female entertainers in our very first battle of the sexes!

    Some of you may think that it’s unfair to compare the vocals of male singers to females but is it really so unbalanced? I’m a staunch believer in equality on all fronts so why not settle the debate once and for all with some great showdowns? Prince vs Beyonce and Stevie Wonder vs Mariah Carey are some of the matches that are in store for this instalment so get ready!

    Watch the males and female clash in our battle of the sexes below:

    George Benson vs Whitney Houston – “The Greatest Love of All”

    James Brown vs Christina Aguilera – “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”

    Otis Redding vs Aretha Franklin – “Respect”

    Prince vs Beyonce – “The Beautiful Ones”

    Stevie Wonder vs Mariah Carey – “You & I”

    Tom Jones vs Shirley Bassey – “I Who Have Nothing”

    As a result of their differing ranges, males and females generally approach their music in completely different ways. Yet, it’s exciting when they match each other note for note, as shown by Carey vs Wonder and Beyonce vs Prince. Vocal androgyny is always fun!

    Who won the matches of those listed above? Which other pairings should have been mentioned? Share your opinions and let us know!

    Photo by M. Caulfield/WireImage