R.I.P Rita Ora


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    One last look at RIta Ora

    That does it. As soon as The Lava Lizard came back online following our server outage earlier today, the first piece that flashed across my newsfeed involved Rita Ora’s performances on Sunrise and I literally fell ill. So, for the sake of my health, Ora will not be featured on this site until she has something worthy to offer.

    With her painfully generic music and average live performances, Ora has added absolutely nothing to the blogosphere. Well, unless you count making us appreciate Rihanna just a tad more as a good thing. Hence, to prevent the future promotion of this nonsense, Ora will no longer appear on The Lava Lizard unless something major occurs – new album information or a song that is worth or time.

    Rest in peace, Ora. I’d be lying if I said you’d be missed so let’s cut the pleasantries. Watch the Sunrise performances below: