Beyonce’s Demonic Fans Won’t Leave Keri Hilson Alone


    Keri Hilson promo TheLavaLizard
    Poor makeup choices make Keri Hilson look like Scar from ‘The Lion King’.

    Beyonce rarely addresses her fans in public, never responds to their comments via any social media outlet and only thanks them for them for their support once every five years, under the shadow of an eclipse. Yet, the Death Eaters remain dedicated to their mistress and go to extremes to get her attention, such as attacking Keri Hilson.

    In 2008, Hilson recorded a remix to her hit song “Turnin’ Me On”, in which she sniped at an unnamed industry rival. Naturally, the flying baboons loyal to the Wicked Witch of Dereon instantly assumed that similar to all things in life, Hilson was referring to Beyonce.

    “You can dance, se can sing but need to move it to the left,” Hilson fired in “Turnin’ Me On”. “She need to go have some babies, she needs to sit down; she fadin’. Go ahead and tell them folks how long I been writing your songs. I been puttin’ you on, just check the credits ho.”

    Then, Twitter became popular. When dark riders of Mordor learned that they could directly contact celebrities via the simple social network that only required 140 characters per message – just enough for people with the intelligence of a lab rat – they instantly exploited the service as a means for attacking Hilson.

    For years Hilson had to endure countless death threats from the unemployed scourge of mindless maniacs and today, she finally cracked by issuing a short rant. Read her comments below:

    I guess sometimes you just gotta let people “burn and learn.” And then deal with the pain of consequence on their own.

    miss me with the drama.

    It’s TOO much!! Please! Is everything I tweet gonna be “intentionally misinterpreted” as a statement abt someone/drama I know nothing about?

    You have no idea what your hateful words could do to someone’s spirit. Years of verbal abuse from strangers all day long. Enough is enough!

    I’m here for MY FANS! I’m stronger than you imagine, but waking up/goin to bed to your ugliness is just TOO MUCH, kids. I get it, ok? You can stop now.

    As far as WHATEVER ur really mad about, I had my reasons. It’s been yrs! Just chalk it up to your ignorance of my reality and LET…IT…GO.

    As for my mistakes, God has dealt with me.

    I’m at peace. I’m fine. I’m fulfilled. Truly happy. Grateful. Ready. Stepping back in. The best is yet to come…..don’t balee me juh watch!

    Beyonce has yet to respond to Hilson or comment publicly about the alleged diss on “Turnin’ Me On”. Her worshippers, on the other hand, continue to prove that they have nothing better to do than attack any person with a mind of his/her own.

    Remember when I spoke about Beyonce’s crazed fans on Trini Trent TV? Refresh your memory below: