Way Back Wednesday: Singing Siblings


    Whitney Cissy Gary Houston TheLavaLizard
    Whitney, Cissy and Gary Houston attend the American Music Awards.

    Some of you understand the struggles of having an extremely talented brother or sister who leaves you permanently in the shadows, no matter what you do in life. Yet, you shouldn’t feel alone in that struggle because there are many people affiliated with the music industry who are easily outshone by their famous singing siblings.

    Did you know that Mariah Carey’s elder sister, Alison Carey, is also a gifted singer? Did you know that Gary Houston performed background vocals for his sister, Whitney Houston, throughout her career? Well, if you didn’t, then you’re about to get a much needed glimpse of their talents via this week’s Way Back Wednesday special.

    Watch some memorable singing siblings nab a moment in the spotlight below:

    Alison Carey (Mariah Carey’s sister)

    Ashlee Simpson – “Pieces of Me” (Jessica Simpson’s sister)

    Erma Franklin – “Piece of My Heart” (Aretha Franklin’s sister)

    Gary Houston & sister Whitney Houston – “Endless Love”

    Ray J – “Let it Go” (Brandy’s Brother)

    Rebbie Jackson – “Centipede” (Michael & Janet Jackson’s sister)

    Solange – “I Decided” (Beyonce’s sister)

    Taka Boom – “To Hell with Him” (Chaka Khan’s sister)

    It’s a shame that these singers aren’t able to achieve greater success in the music industry because they are quite talented in their own right (except Ray J). Indeed, Solange is a competent singer and an excellent songwriter, and Alison Carey has the perfect voice for Jazz, despite her many personal troubles.

    Of course, it would be almost impossible to excel on the charts if your sister was Whitney Houston because the comparisons to such a megastar would simply too great. Janet Jackson presented one of the rare cases of an act who not only matched her brother Michael Jackson’s success but also topped him during her prime. It took a few flop albums to get there but with the right material, management and visuals, she finally did it.

    Who is the best singing sibling of those listed above? Who else should have been mentioned? Vote in the Way Back Wednesday poll and share your opinion!

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