Watch: ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ Exaggerates Beyonce’s Status


    Beyonce Oprah's Next Chapter TheLavaLizard
    Beyonce thanks Oprah for 40 minutes of free propaganda.

    Oprah Winfrey has the ability to make a dry piece of bread seem more valuable than chocolate covered diamonds. That’s exactly what she did on the latest episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter in which she served viewers forty minutes of propaganda geared toward elevating the name of Beyonce.

    Between Beyonce’s awkward sentences – she speaks with as many unnecessary pauses as she includes in her ‘letters’ – Oprah made numerous exaggerations regarding the singer’s status in the industry. Indeed, after watching this episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter, ignorant viewers may wrongfully assume that Beyonce is the best mother on planet Earth.

    Adding to the barrage of ego-bolstering claims, Oprah repeatedly referred to Beyonce as the preeminent Pop star of the music industry. Yet, those of us who can count pass the number ten know that Beyonce’s sales are far from as impressive of Alicia Keys or Adele, her media impact isn’t nearly as great as Britney Spears or Lady Gaga, and Rihanna has a much longer list of hits.

    Let’s not be too critical of Beyonce’s Oprah’s Next Chapter special, though, because she took the time to memorise a few inspirational quotes just for the show. “Life is about connecting the dots” – wow, that’s so deep. Beat that, Forrest Gump!

    Watch Beyonce’s entire Oprah’s Next Chapter interview, which was also an extended advert for her Life is but a Dream HBO documentary, below: