Toni Braxton: “I don’t feel the love for music anymore”


    Toni Braxton Good Morning America TheLavaLizard
    Toni Braxton shares a shocking revelation on ‘Good Morning America’.

    If you’re a fan of R&B or just good music then what you’re about to read will probably devastate you. So, sit down, grab some tissue and get your best friend on the line to offer you some emotional support. Ladies and gentlemen, Toni Braxton has revealed that she is no longer interested in making music.

    Following a short discussion regarding her health and upcoming ventures in film, Braxton broke the news to Good Morning America viewers that she has lost the passion to make music. She then attempted to soften the blow by claiming that her outlook may have resulted from a midlife crisis but it too late as I had already locked myself in the bathroom with “Un-break My Heart” on full volume as I wept under the shower.

    Watch Braxton share her shocking revelation on Good Morning America below:

    Braxton’s voice is one of the most important instruments in not just R&B music but also Pop radio. She is immensely talented and to know that she might not return is a serious blow. This is what happens when labels flood the airwaves with garbage and refuse to make room for real talent to thrive!

    Now, let us experience the five stages of grief together.