Preview: Mariah Carey’s “Almost Home” Video is a Photo Shoot


    Mariah Carey Almost Home TheLavaLzard
    Mariah Carey gets dolled up on the set of her “Almost Home” video.

    Mariah Carey’s vanity is far over the top but at least she embraces it wholeheartedly as the living embodiment of everything that is defined by the word ‘diva’. For example, in the video for her new song, “Almost Home”, Carey doesn’t even try to tell a story; she just walks around and poses on an empty set.

    “Turn up that wind machine, make sure the overhead lighting isn’t too harsh and if you shoot me from my right side then you’ll never work in this town again,” I imagine Carey cooing to director David LaChapelle as she twirled while filming “Almost Home”. There is no word regarding if the footage will also be used for a new Jenny Craig commercial.

    Watch the preview of Carey’s loveable narcism in the “Almost Home” video below: