White Wizard Kanye West Suffers Breakdown in London


    Kanye West rant TheLavaLizard
    Kanye West goes insane in London.

    The curse of the Kim Kardashian succubus has finally robbed Kanye West of his sanity. Following his public rant against Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, the unstable rapper suffered an emotional breakdown at a London show where he erupted into frightening wails and stormed off the stage.

    At this time, there is no explanation for West’s shocking behaviour but many speculate that there is tension brewing behind the scenes at the Roc Nation camp, which is known to many as Illuminati ‘R’ Us. The Lord of the Black Gates of Mordor, Sauron Jay-Z, has yet to comment on the Saruman West the White Wizard of the Watchtower’s meltdown.

    What you’re about to see is baffling yet telling of West’s mindset. Is it a cry for help or an indication that he has gone mad? Either way, Frodo needs to destroy the Ring of Power soon. Watch West’s breakdown below:

    Witness Saruman’s insanity.