Justin Timberlake’s 2013 Brit Awards Performance is Just Okay


    Justin Timberlake 2013 Brit Awards TheLavaLizard
    Justin Timberlake delivers a rather forgettable performance at the 2013 Brit Awards.

    Some songs sound great on the radio but should never be performed live. Such is the case with Justin Timberlake’s latest single, “Mirrors”, which he made the unfortunate decision of singing at the 2013 Brit Awards earlier this evening.

    Strutting around the stage in his now signature suit and tie, Timberlake added little razzle or dazzle the incredibly boring show. Even with the assistance of his live band,┬áJT & the Tennessee Kids, the usually upbeat entertainer just couldn’t get the melodic mid-tempo off the ground.

    Perhaps Timberlake should have performed “Suit & Tie” instead. At least that way the crowd would have been moved to dance instead of trying to figure out the purpose of “Mirrors” for four minutes of their lives. Watch his showing at the Brit Awards below:

    Photo by Matt Kent/Getty Images Europe