Justin Bieber Shows Off One-Note Vocal Range on ‘Saturday Night Live’


    Justin Bieber SNL The Lava Lizard
    Justin Bieber headlines ‘Saturday Night Live’.

    If Justin Bieber was a transformer then his machine of choice would be a lawn mower. It makes sense because his monotone voice has a striking resemblance to the one-note growl my neighbour’s favourite Saturday morning toy. Just watch Bieber’s performances on Saturday Night Live for all the proof you need.

    Flexing the only octave in his limited vocal range, Bieber moaned renditions of “As Long As You Love Me” and “Nothing Like Us”. Both songs appear on his Believe Acoustic album, which debut at the top of the Billboard 200 earlier this week. Seriously, over 200K people wasted their money on that.

    Watch Bieber get praised for his mediocrity on Saturday Night Live below:

    “As Long As You Love Me”

    “Nothing Like Us”

    Thanks Mr. World Premiere!