‘Glassheart’ Flopped so Leona Lewis is Planning a New Album for 2013


    Leona Lewis promo TheLavaLizard
    Leona Lewis poses for a ‘Glassheart’ album promo pic.

    So, Leona Lewis’ grossly underrated Glassheart album performed so horribly on the charts that she has axed her management team at Modest! and launched preparations for a followup record. In fact, the unfortunate songbird is expected to issue new material by the end of 2013.

    “Lewis is one of the UK’s most successful artists, one of a few that have enjoyed huge global success in recent years selling more than 20 million records worldwide,” noted a representative of Syco via a press statement. “She will begin the recording of her fourth album imminently to be released later this year. She remains a key priority artist for Syco and for Sony Music Worldwide.”

    Glassheart debut at #3 on the UK Albums Chart with dismal sales of 27K in its opening week. None of the singles from the LP topped the Singles UK Singles Chart, although “Trouble (Ft. Childish Gambino)” did peak at #7 on the lineup. The last offering from the set, “Lovebird”, failed to crack the top 200 of the lineup as Lewis’ first song to suffer that fate.

    Of course, Lewis’ problems may not be rooted in poor management. Given the solid material on Glassheart and the respectable promotional campaign launched to support the record, it appears that her target audience has simply lost interest in her as an artist and as a brand.

    Hence, Lewis will need to revamp her entire appeal and refocus if she hopes to make an impact on the charts with her new album. What do I suggest? Get a new look – the Mariah Carey-styled blonde hair needs to go – loosen up onstage, learn a few dance moves, hire new video directors, avoid ballads like the plague and experiment with more uptempos.

    Lewis is far too young and talented to sound like a long lost sister of Susan Boyle. We don’t need her to spread her crotch similar to Christina Aguilera in the Dirrty video but it will be nice to see her shake things up a bit. Honestly, even Michelle Williams does her best to keep up!

    All my single ladies…and Michelle.