This is really Fantasia’s ‘Side Effects of You’ Album Cover


    Fantasia Side Effects of You TheLavaLizard
    Who approved Fantasia’s ‘The Side Effects of You’ album cover?

    This is not a joke. Seriously, this is not a joke. Earlier today, this image of of what many assumed to be Fantasia’s The Side Effects of You album cover began circulating around the web but I refused to believe it. Sadly, it is in fact the artwork of the set, brought to you by a Blackberry camera.

    The Side Effects of You will now arrive in stores on April 16th. Although the record has been described by Fantasia as a new musical direction of Rock & Soul, the cover of the set has dampened the anticipation for the included material. Still, let’s keep Fantasia in our prayers and hope for a miracle.

    Watch Fantasia describe The Side Effects of You below:

    What do you think of the cover?