Dear Chris Brown, Go Home


    Chris Brown Home TheLavaLizard
    Chris Brown has fun in his “Home” preview video.

    Chris Brown just doesn’t know how to take a hint. His Fortune album was a commercial failure and the media continues to metaphorically kick him in the crotch after each of his clashes with other artists. So, please explain why he is preparing to release a new song called “Home”?

    That’s right folks, Brown has readied a new single from his upcoming sixth studio album and he has previewed the overly auto-tuned track via a reflective video about his life. In the tune, Brown sings, “wish I could go back from where I came from,” which is a great idea since the underwhelming arrangement proves that he has hit a creative wall and he needs to take some time away from music to find inspiration.

    Dear Brown, we all know that being a Pop star in 2013 is hard work and requires a near ubiquitous media presence but you have that covered as result of your tabloid antics. Take a break, go to Africa, ride a giraffe and see a different side of life. If not, just go home.

    Watch Brown’s reflective video for “Home” below: