Clive Davis Recounts Whitney Houston’s Final Days on ‘Katie’


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    Clive Davis and Usher share a moment on ‘Katie’.

    Kelly Clarkson may not be Clive Davis’ biggest fan but he still has a few friends left in the music industry. Earlier today, the iconic mogul visited Katie to discuss his new book, The Soundtrack of My Life, and he was celebrated by Jordin Sparks and Usher.

    Of course, Davis’ latest ventures weren’t the only topics addressed on Katie. He was also asked to shed light on the final days of his greatest artist, Whitney Houston, and he was surprisingly candid while talking about her dependency on drugs.

    Refusing to blame Bobby Brown for Houston’s drug abuse – a sentiment shared by Cissy Houston – Davis revealed that he was so shocked to see the diva’s gaunt figure at one point that he gasped. However, he maintained that Houston was fixated at improving near the end of her life, thus making her passing even more heartbreaking.

    Watch a segment of Davis’ spot on Katie below: