Bruno Mars Proves We don’t Need Justin Timberlake on ‘Wetten dass..?’


    Bruno Mars Wetten dass TheLavaLizard
    Dear Bruno Mars, the 1970s called and it wants its shirt back.

    Out with the old and in with the new. Following Justin Timberlake’s blatantly boring performance of “Mirrors” on Wetten dass..? yesterday, many of us wondered if all was lost for this generation of male Pop stars. Thankfully, Bruno Mars swopped in to save the day as the new shining knight of American music.

    Dressed like are favourite uncle who thinks that patterned silk shirts, Jheri curls and Eric Estrada shades are still hip, Mars rocked Wetten dass..? with an upbeat performance of “Locked Out of Heaven”. He was certainly fun to watch, not only because of his awkward hip-thrusting but also because his showing was actually good in his own right instead of providing a weak imitation of vintage Smokey Robinson.

    Watch Mars relive the 1970s with a Miami fashion twist on Wetten dass..? below: