Analysing Kanye West’s Latest Rant Against the Music Industry


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    Kanye West puts a hex on you!

    Dear world, Kanye West lost his mother so he doesn’t care about your opinions. By the way, those were his words, not mine. Proving that he his ego is bigger than Kim Kardashian’s latest alleged butt enhancements, the rapper launched into yet another anger fuelled rant, in which he blasted everything that came to mind.

    To summarise West’s latest hissy fit, here is a quick recap of all the topics he addressed ever so eloquently before going shopping with Kardashian of baby booties (for himself, not their unborn child):

    “I hate business people.”

    Isn’t it interesting that West hates business people when his best friend and partner, Jay-Z, prides himself on being an entrepreneur? I wonder what he really thinks of Kardashian. You know, since she basically turned having sex with Ray J into an empire.

    “Since when was making music about getting rich?”

    Little did West know that he indirectly insulted himself with this comment. Indeed, the Watch the Throne album was entirely based on being a rich negro in America and the “Otis” video featured him flaunting his riches by destroying an expensive car. That was humble artistry at its very best, right?

    “The Grammys [can] suck my d*ck.”

    Hey West, you have 21 Grammy Awards so why are you complaining? I guess you must also know that the entire ceremony is about politics instead of merit. Please forward that comment to Beyonce during your next pow wow.

    Beyonce 2013 Grammy Awards TheLavaLizard
    Damn, Beyonce got another Grammy Award.

    “Every rapper is always rapping about fucking someone else’s bitch.”

    What exactly was the main message of the hook of West’s hit song “Mercy”? People who live in glass houses should not throw stones, West.

    “I got love for [Jay-Z] but I ain’t fucking with that “Suit & Tie”.”

    Well, at least we know that West had at least one brief moment of clarity during this rant. I have saved this audio clip and it will serve as my next ringtone. So it was written and so it shall be until West’s next rant.

    Watch West rant about those topics and much more below:

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