Alicia Keys Performs Only Song She Can Still Sing on ‘Wendy Williams’


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    Alicia Keys braces herself to sing on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’.

    Alicia Keys’ voice has crumbled to the point that she can’t even sing most of her own hits. Yet, there is still one song in her catalogue that she can handle – “Brand New Me”. Thankfully, that is exactly the tune that she chose to perform on The Wendy Williams Show.

    Keys’ appearance on Wendy Williams was filmed before her voice completely gave out at the 2013 NBA All-Star game last evening so she didn’t have to endure harsh criticism from the host. Instead, she preceded her “Brand New Me” performance with a discussion involving her music, son, marriage and her upcoming Set the World on Fire Tour.

    Watch Keys on Wendy Williams as you hope for the best below:


    “Brand New Me”