A hoarse Alicia Keys struggles with National Anthem at 2013 Super Bowl


    Alicia Keys Super Bowl TheLavaLizard
    Alicia Keys attempts to sing at the 2013 Super Bowl.

    When it was announced that Alicia Keys nabbed the honor of performing the US national anthem at the 2013 Super Bowl, it was obvious that the committee made the wrong choice. However, North America is the land of opportunity so they gave the hoarse singer the chance to prove her worth.

    Sadly, the odds and the condition of her vocal cords weren’t in Keys’ favour, and she struggled to handle the rearranged version of “The Star Spangled Banner”. Kicking off the song on a shaky note, she awkwardly climbed to a painfully rough climax, effectively described as the ashes left behind from Keys being on fire for the last six months.

    Watch Keys fumble the notes of the anthem at the Super Bowl below:

    What else can be said about this performance? We all know that Keys’ voice has not been in a good place for months and today she confirmed that she needs serious help (a bible, honey, lime, magic and a bush bath). Let us keep her in prayer as we hope for a better tomorrow.