Nicki Minaj Talks Mariah Carey, ‘American Idol’ & More on ‘Jay Leno’


    Nicki Minaj Jay Leno TheLavaLizard
    Nicki Minaj visits ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ to promote ‘American Idol.

    The producers of American Idol must have laid down the law on Nicki Minaj because instead of looking like something that emerged from Lady Gaga’s loins in the “Born this Way” video, the rapper has completely revamped her style. Just check out how sophisticated Minaj looked during her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

    Transforming from a troll doll into a Barbie, Minaj was neat yet sexy on the Jay Leno set as she talked about the upcoming season of American Idol. She also chatted about the tension between her and diva Mariah Carey, her favourite contestants and her life before fame.

    It’s just so nice to see Minaj looking human again. There may be hope for her still. Watch her Jay Leno spot below:

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