New Video: Dawn Richard – “86”


    Dawn Richard 86 TheLavaLizard
    Dawn Richard rides into battle in her new “86” video.

    “Mortal Kombat!” – I’ve always wanted a reason to start an article with that and thanks to Dawn Richard, that glorious day has finally arrived. Celebrating the release of her GoldenHeart debut album, she has issued the video video for her latest single, “86”.

    “I’m really excited because I think [“86”] is really powerful,” Richard expressed in behind the scenes footage of her “86” video shoot. “It tell you let go of all your boundaries and to fight for what you believe in.” Judging by her Sub-Zero mask, Richard will beat the Diddy out of anybody who gets in her way.

    Watch Richard’s new video for “86” below:

    As usual, Richard’s visuals have taken her music to another level. “86” is basically a short film rather than a basic video and she effectively tells the story of her artistic journey with a few clever metaphors. My only question: who lives in the giant castle at the end?

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