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    Barbra Streisand Yentl TheLavaLizard
    Barbra Streisand’s ‘Yentl’ poster

    Did you know that Barbra Streisand directed, co-wrote, co-produced and starred in the film Yentl?

    Streisand was at the helm of the onscreen adaptation of Yentl, which was fully released in 1984. The film was a monster success, and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture РMusical or Comedy as well as the Academy Award for Best Original Score.

    However, history was made when Streisand became the first woman to win the Golden Globe for Best Director. Ironically, her character throughout the majority of Yentl was a man! Watch Streisand soar with a performance of “Piece of Sky” in one of the standout scenes below:

    Now you now!