Mariah Carey Performs “Love Takes Time” & More in Sydney


    Mariah Carey Sydney TheLavaLizard
    A sparkling Mariah Carey performs at the Allphones Arena in Sydney, Australia.

    The heavens cracked open and a mighty voice erupted from the skies to say, “let there be light…reflected from the sequins of Mariah Carey’s mini-dress.” In my mind, that’s exactly what happened in Sydney, Australia earlier today when the diva performed her classics at the¬†Allphones Arena.

    Switching between more ensembles than Wendy Williams has wigs – well, almost – Carey amazed her Australian fans with fantastic renditions of some of her biggest hits, including “Emotions”, “I’ll be There” and “Hero”. She even took them on a journey back to 1990 by singing one of her first #1 singles, “Love Takes Time” in a medley with “Can’t Let Go”.

    Nothing, however, could compete with the stunning vocals that Carey displayed on “Don’t Forget About Us”. Was she singing live? Yes. Was her voice in good shape? Yes. Was I screaming while clutching my copy of The Emancipation of Mimi and swaying in the light of the grand high lamb? Yes.

    Watch Carey take us on a magic carpet ride over the octaves in Sydney, the second stop of her Australian tour following her Gold Coast show, below:

    “Can’t Let Go”/”Love Takes Time”/”Don’t Forget About Us”


    “Can’t Take That Away From Me (Remix)”

    “I’ll be There (with Trey Lorenz)”


    Isn’t it amazing how Carey let’s loose while performing on random tours that aren’t being filmed for TV? Although she joked about being off-key, didn’t care about sounding pitch-perfect and the result was a carefree showcase of vocal gymnastics that only she could put forward. Now, excuse me while I replay “Don’t Forget About Us” and get caught up in my emotions again.