Little Mix Bore ‘Dancing on Ice’ Viewers


    Little Mix Dancing on Ice TheLavaLizard
    Little Mix clearly don’t want to perform on ‘Dancing on Ice: The Skate Off’.

    The ladies of Little Mix have been making quite a name for themselves during the last few months but today they broke that positive trend with an incredible dull showing. The foursome appeared on Dancing on Ice: The Skate Off and looked utterly bored during their performance.

    Little Mix sang a rendition of their latest DNA album single, “Change Your Life”, but the skaters were for more exciting to watch than the unusually lacklustre group. However, viewers of Dancing on Ice weren’t the only people unimpressed by Little Mix’s performance as the ladies themselves were visibly upset before exiting the stage.

    Watch Little Mix fizzle on Dancing on Ice below and try not to fall asleep: