A Stiff Keyshia Cole Performs at UNCF’s Evening of Stars


    Keyshia Cole UNCF TheLavaLizard
    An incredibly stiff Keyshia Cole performs at UNCF’s An Evening of Stars.

    Keyshia Cole has never been the most exciting live performer but would it hurt her to shake a leg once every blue moon? Take a look at her recent showing at UNCF’s 33rd annual An Evening of Stars where she sang a rendition of her latest Woman to Woman single, “Zero”.

    Barely moving an inch between few flat notes, Cole looked as though she was auditioning for American Idol, minus an irrelevant comment by Nicki Minaj. You may assume that her limited movement helped her to reserve energy for a powerhouse vocal performance but no, Cole’s singing was forgettable at best.

    On the bright side, Cole did look amazing and her platinum blonde hair channeled classic Mary J. Blige at her best. Watch her Evening of Stars performance below:

    Info via Only Keyshia!