Keri Hilson Aims for Growth on New Album


    Keri Hilson new album TheLavaLizard
    Keri Hilson chats with Rap-Up TV about her new album. West.

    Whether a certain artist’s fans admit it or not, Keri Hilson is a very clever songwriter. However, she still hasn’t quite figured out how to channel that talented into crafted a commercially successful album. Now, that may change as she is aiming to expand her sound with her new project.

    Hilson chatted with Rap-Up TV about her upcoming album, and revealed that it will feature a mix of of various genres and even a splash of Kanye West. In fact, she described the record as a combination of her previous offerings, In a Perfect World… and No Boys Allowed.

    “I didn’t want to lose the fans that do love what I have done in the past, but there is growth that has happened,” Hilson explained. “I’m all about blending the worlds of pop and hip-hop and R&B all in a pot.”

    Let’s see if Hilson will finally get it right with her next album. There is no reason why the woman who wrote Britney Spears’ “Break the Ice” can’t score a hit in 2013. Watch her Rap-Up TV interview below: