Jennifer Hudson Ruins Obamas’ First Dance at Inauguration Ball


    Jennifer Hudson Obama Inauguration TheLavaLizard
    Michelle Obama and Barack Obama endure a loud Jennifer Hudson.

    Speaking of unbridled yelling, Jennifer Hudson proved that nobody can do as far over the top as her this evening at the Commander-In-Chief’s Ball. The big-mouther singer was given the chance to serenade newly reelected US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama but completely ruined the moment with her wails.

    Hudson was loud and obnoxious as she bellowed Al Green’s “Let Stay Together”. Honestly, she clearly forget how to use her indoor voice as she tackled the Obama’s favourite song as though she was charging for the last whole wheat bun at Subway. You know, because she’s on a diet.

    Watch Hudson yell louder than the boy who cried wolf at the Commander-In-Chief Ball below (starting at 2:40):

    Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images North America