Fantasia Confirms New Album Title & Release Date


    Fantasia Lost to Win TheLavaLizard
    Fantasia looks steamy in this new “Lost to Win” promo pic.

    Fantasia’s gay fans probably burned all of her albums in a bonfire but now that she has clarified her comments regarding their right to marry, they might be regretting their actions. Thankfully, however, she has a new album on the way to replace those they destroyed, and she has revealed both its title and official release date.

    Barring any possible delay, Fantasia’s The Side Effects of You album will arrive in stores on March 13th. The chatty songstress confirmed the news during an interview with The Steve Harvey Morning Show and revealed that the majority of the material included on the set was co-written by her.

    Fantasia previously revealed that The Side Effects of You will entail a Rock/Soul sound inspired by the work of Tina Turner, Queen and Elton John. The album’s lead single, “Lose to Win”, samples The Commodores “Nightshift” and it is now available for download on iTunes.

    Still haven’t heard “Lose to Win”? You better educate yourself and listen to the song below: