Chrisette Michele Announces ‘Better’ Release Date


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    Chrisette Michele

    Chrisette Michele knows how to keep the news regarding her Better album flowing smoothly like “tanning oil” on Christina Aguilera’s thighs. Indeed, following a busy last few weeks of getting her fans hyped for her new material, the excited singer raced to Twitter to announce the official release date of the LP.

    While chatting with yours truly last year (you thought I was done plugging that interview, huh?),  Michele confirmed that her Better album would debut in early 2013 and she has kept her word. The record will arrive in US stores in the peak of the spring season on April 30th.

    Don’t expect Better to be a rehash of Michele’s¬†Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Presentation mixtpae, though, because she is focused on progression. Listen to the title track below to get an idea of what she has planned: