Watch: Miguel Talks Racism & More In ‘This Is How I Made It’


    Miguel This is How I Made It TheLavaLizard
    Miguel reflects on his childhood, racism and more on ‘This is How I Made It’.

    “Some people are just driven-“ oops, that’s the wrong show. Basically boasting the same message, Miguel appeared on MTV’s latest documentary series, This is How I Made It, where he spoke about his rise to fame and the various struggles that he faced to become the man he is today.

    From the racial tensions that affected both sides of his African-American and Mexican identities to the financial woes that almost stalled his career, Miguel candidly summarised his journey to the top. The only aspect of his life that he didn’t explain was his fashion sense but I’m assuming that stems from his love of David Bowie.

    Learn more about Miguel on MTV’s This is How I Made It below:

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