US Charts: Alicia Keys Replaces Rihanna At Billboard 200 Peak


    Alicia Keys Girl on Fire TheLavaLizard
    Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl on Fire’ album cover.

    Alicia Keys received some bitter sweet news when the US charts were announced earlier todday. Despite scoring her fourth #1 studio album on the Billboard 200 and replacing Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’ at the summit of the ranking, the diva garnered the lowest first week sales of her career.

    Keys’ ‘Girl on Fire’ entered the Billboard 200 at #1 with a relatively humble 159K copies sold. The record became her fourth studio set to debut at the chart summit and her fifth overall to achieve that feat, including her ‘Unplugged’ live album of 2005.

    However, ‘Girl on Fire’ sold less copies than any Keys album to date. Its predecessor, ‘The Element of Freedom’, moved 417K copies in its opening frame and ‘Unplugged’ amassed a first week sum of 196K units. Having trouble deciding if you should purchase ‘Girl on Fire’? Read my review of the album by clicking here and it might help!

    Meanwhile, Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’ depicted an expected sales slump in its second week on the Billboard 200. The LP, which started at #1 last week with 238K copies sold, only moved 72K units during the last 7 days. Yes, your math is correct, that represented a 70% decline.

    See the other leading releases in the top 10 of both Billboard 200 and the Hot 100 below:

    Billboard 200

    1. Alicia Keys – ‘Girl on Fire’ – 159K (debut)

    2. Taylor Swift – ‘Red’ – 137K (total: 2.22 M)

    3. Rod Stewart – ‘Merry Christmas, Baby’ – 117K (total: 476K)

    4. One Direction – ‘Take Me Home’ – 92K (total: 808K)

    5. Phillip Phillips – ‘The World From the Side of the Moon’ – 74K (total: 243K)

    6. Rihanna – ‘Unapologetic’ – 72K  (total: 310K)

    7. Michael Buble – ‘Christmas’ – 66K (total: 2.65 M)

    8. Lady Antebellum – ‘On This Winter’s Night’ – 59K (total: 217K)

    9. Blake Shelton – ‘Cheers’ – 53K (total: 203K)

    10. Kid Rock – ‘Rebel Soul’ – 46K (total: 117K)

    Billboard Hot 100

    1. Rihanna – ‘Diamonds’

    2. Bruno Mars – ‘Locked Out of Heaven’

    3. Ke$ha – ‘Die Young’

    4. Maroon 5 – ‘One More Night’

    5. Lumineers – ‘Ho Hey’

    6. fun. – ‘Some Nights’

    7. Phillip Phillips – ‘Home’

    8. Flo Rida – ‘I Cry’

    9. Ne-Yo – ‘Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)’

    10. PSY – ‘Gangnam Style’

    Watch the video for Keys’ ‘Girl on Fire’ title track, which features Nicki Minaj, below:


    • Nelz91

      Where’s the calling her a “flop” and what not??? According to the standards you people have set for Nicki Minaj this is a flop . . . No?

      • DOMOdotSCORE

        People diss Nicki because she has low sales and she’s only on her second album. This is Alicia’s fifth album.

        And I’m sure if you go back into this site’s archives, you will find a couple negative comments made about Alicia’s sales when the projections were released.

      • Joey

        Nicki has a huge fan base (even bigger than Alicia with all the teens now), has bigger hit singles, and like the other person said, is only on her second album. When you think about it, 159k for an RNB artist who’s released 5 albums, is actually really good. RNB is a genre that’s been dying for ages.

        I don’t think you can consider this a flop.

      • R&b lives

        U do know that Alicia has 5 multiplatinum albums and has been in arenas for a minute now right?? Unlike Nicki, she has NOTHING to prove.

        Nicki on the other hand has not even sold what Lil Kim sold throughout her career.

        THis is not a good look for a new artist for Nicki….

        Alicia has already solidified her R&B icon status…. She is the best selling female artist in the U.S of the last decade ( Beyonce sold more only if u include DChild nbrs)…..

        Nicki is not on Alicia’s level yet…. looks like Nicki might just be a one hit wonder.

        Congrats again to Alicia on her 4th #1 album… most artists will never be able to say they had that many #1s.

      • Nelz91

        OH okay so if someone has had previous multiplatinum albums and sing R&B its okay . . . I’m learning the rules … I’m getting there


      Cograts Alicia. Your album is amazing and you deserved bigger first week sales. But the industry is in such state especially for R&B artists that this is great for the current standards
      Hope she doesn´t decline too much in the coming weeks so we can say the album still performed great overall

      Can´t believe only people going platinum easily are Taylore Swift and One Direction LOL People with common sense don´t buy albums anymore or what? 🙂

    • R&b lives

      congrats to Alicia… over 10 yrs in the business and still topping the charts …. most artists albums sales decline as they age… see Bruce Springsteen & U2.

      I just hope she announces a U.S tour cuz this is a GREAT CD.

    • ni

      Flop… R&b is flopping and what n hell happen to the Navy… 72k yep everyone is flopping except for the mainstream/white pop artist. R&B is dead and so are the black artist because according to billboard every black artist is consider R&B no matter how many pop songs you have. Black artist better wake up!!! 🙁

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    • Theman

      Nicki does not have a bigger fan base than Alicia. More kiddies don’t equal a bigger fan base .

    • Michelle

      Congrats to Alicia, well deserved but this album deserves much higher first week sales, people are sleeping on a classic. I do think that the album will be around for a long time because they will release those singles one by one and they will drive the numbers up because all of the songs are very strong, it will end up being one of her best yet. I would prefer a steady growth than to get 300-500K first week and then fall all the way off and never see the album on the charts again.

      • BlairWaldorf2013

        I COMPLETELY agree…I think people are ignoring this album for two reasons:

        1. People (mainly african american women who are the majority of female R&B’s fanbase) are STILL hung up on her PERSONAL life instead of listening to the music. I mentioned my theory in a previous post so I won’t drone on here…but basically women are harboring personal anger over something they KNOW NOT OF…(ironically those same women will buy Rihanna’s album when we have the physical proof of the bullshit she endures).

        2. R&B as a whole is not getting the time of day on the airwaves…Again I mentioned in a previous post we are to blame for this happening. We must DEMAND quality music from Labels if artist’s as great a Alicia are to maintain relevance (especially with all this pirating of music).

        I most also admit that her vocals could be stronger (as she choose a song that maybe didn’t do her justice to lead the album) but once people her hits like “Brand New Me” “Fire We Make” “Tears Always Win” and “New Day” they will be forced to at least buy the singles if not the whole album.

        Word of mouth is still the best way to sell ANYTHING (this is a scientific fact as I’ve studied it) so once people start raving to their friends, neighbors, co-workers (hell I even told the Starbucks guy and he was like “word someone else said the same thing, I have to check it out now”) it will pick up sales and show up in the long run.

    • Girrrl

      Those sales are underwhelming. And even with a 70% drop Rihanna managed to outsell some people’s debut week on the charts and many people fall between 60 and 70% in the second week so I don’t see why people pick on her.

      • Joey

        With the major hits she has, you would think her albums would sell much more and stay on the charts for longer. I think that’s where they’re coming from. She is so commercially successful.. she should be selling albums like TS.

    • Jeweley girl

      I know why her album have low sell because it is not good.
      There are only two good songs on it . I was not going to
      waste my money on a bad album.