Trini Trent TV: Best & Worst of 2012!


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    Trini Trent TV

    You didn’t think that I would let the year end without adding my final two cents, did you? Yet, instead of doing my usual pieces where I simply list the top songs of the last few months, I took to Trini Trent TV for a special episode, during which I reflected on the best and worst releases of 2012!

    You voted for the best songs, videos, artists and albums at the 2012 The Lava Lizard Awards, but now it’s time for me to share my opinions. Also, I added a few areas of discussion, such as the most overrated album of the year, to spice up this instalment of Trini Trent TV even further.

    Watch episode nine of Trini Trent TV’s second season below to see me discuss all those topics and more:

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